Friday, June 19, 2009

On Top ...

This one was created to feature the interesting frontal view of the rather bulbous APS-20 Radome. The year is 1964 (my birth year) and the first Argus delivered to VP415 (Argus Mark 1, t/n 20720) is tracking a submerged Soviet submarine. It's early morning and once again we see my attempt at depicting a scenario that one couldn't really photograph. I'm simulating a very long telephoto shot here with really no vanishing point per se. The strong cropping combined with a strong vertical composition was intended to grab -and hold- your attention. We think it is a success in that regard. Do you? This piece hangs nicely at the end of a long hallway in low light. Moody! Any suggestions for future work? C'mon...challenge me. I dare ya! 8^)


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Air Cadet Memories

It was a normal training night at CFB Summerside for 53 Sqn RC (Air)C. Yours truly joined Air Cadets for 2 reasons; to be closer to the Argus and, of course, the girls! But I digress...this image was a direct result of memories of one particular night when and the constant (and welcome) interruptions by the fighting Four Hundred and Fifteenth. Cpl Daryl Churchill finally threw in the towel and dismissed the class so we could go outside to watch the Argus doing her touch and go's (it was the right thing to, Daryl). I still remember the flames shooting over the wings as she split our eardrums time and time again rolling down Rwy24 in wet power! Hope you like it.

~ Rob

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Greenwood Gets a Wake-up Call!

It's some time in the early 1960's (note the ensign on the tail of 20722) and the good ol' boys from VP415 are at it again! This time they've just done a touch-and-go on Rwy 08 in Greenwood and are heading home for some well deserved rest after an Atlantic patrol. The gear sequencing isn't that the Main bogies are (almost) in sync!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Joining the Pattern

OK, so this one is back lit too, but not TOO bad! CP-107 Argus Mark 1, T/N 10710 shares the pattern with another Argus on Rwy 26 in Greenwood, Nova Scotia. It's about suppertime and the sun is heading West as 710's crew enjoys some nice clear Blue skies, now that the storm has passed. Do you like the Blues and Greens in this one? How about the sun glint light off the cockpit area? This painting went to Kathy Leblanc's father for Christmas a few years back. She tole me he insisted on opening this gift first! He put all other gift unwrapping on hold until he went to his workshop, got his tools out and hung the painting on the wall! Now THAT's another Argus lover if you ask me! LOL.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

CP-107 Argus Web site

Just wanted to say thanks to Bert Campbell for the link from his world-famous CP-107 Argus web site. Ever wondered what this growler sounded like? Check out the sound clip at Bert's great website ->

Thanks for stopping by and, BTW, there's another (older) painting image coming on Friday.
C'mon back!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Night Ops

Here's a night painting based on Tom Gosling's (AKA "da Goose") famous and classic night run-up photos in Summerside. This is just a little one I made for Tom to thank him for sharing his great photos with me.

Kinda ghostly isn't it with the bottom of the wings illuminated by the retracted landing lights eh? This was the situation in the photo!

I hope you like it.

I have plans for a new one with my Violet Oxide. Would you like to see one in this neat new-to-me color?