Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crests anyone? VP415 - Crew 1 ... The GROPERS

This was VP 415's Crew 1 Crest in the late 1970's; the "Gropers."

Toying around a few 415 crests...from my "home" Argus Squadron.
Each letter is a hand-made separate vector shape so, like all of my computer generated drawings, it's very labor intensive.

Why Crew 1? My Uncle, Harold G, was the TACCO ... so there's a little personal connection I suppose...and...the Groper is a neat fish! I understand this crest was deemed to be -ahem- "inappropriate" by the brass and it's use was disallowed...only to get re-approved later again! YA GOTTA LOVE THAT SPIRIT OF TRADITION PEOPLE!!!




Saturday, October 23, 2010

More work on Argus nose section and seat

Take #2 --- Sunday 24 Oct 2010

Hi folks,

Yes, it's been awhile but the weather is getting chilly so...I'm back at at again. This time it's the plexiglass nose and seat, etc. I'm also finishing up the Polar Bear motif that some argus aircraft received when assigned to Northern Patrols (NORPATS). Feel free to let me know what you think. Anyone have any Argus pics to share?

Send to if you do.

I also welcome any comments you have on the nose section to make it better.

Thanks for visiting!